What Is Copyediting?

Would you like to improve the quality of a piece of writing for your business? Have you a brochure, blog, website, newsletter, business plan or letter that needs to be reviewed?

Copyediting is a review process by a copyeditor that will check your piece of writing or content for errors that upset the flow of the piece. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency will all be checked and corrected where applicable.

The copyediting process will make your work look more professional, whether for business or a personal project, and improve the reading experience.

A normal spell check carried out by your word processor will not always pick up the inappropriate use of words in a sentence but your copyeditor will spot those right away. Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation does not look good for your professional image and can damage your brand. Would you trust a business to do a service for you if their website was full of spelling errors and poorly-phrased sentences?

Copyediting is a great investment to tidy up your writing for your business and help build trust in your product or service.

Please get in touch with me here if you require a copyediting service.

Caroline Kidd

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