What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a document you write and send to media outlets that gives information about something that is relevant to your business. A press release is a great way of getting free publicity for your business, or a new product or service you are launching.

The press release will be dated and have a title. The body of the press release will detail a story about your business or a piece of news.

Some large businesses commission surveys and then use a press release to distribute the results to media outlets to create some publicity for their business. If you are a smaller business, it’s more likely that you will use the press release for a business launch, a new product launch, an event you are holding, a product/service expansion, a new collaboration, or a new sponsorship deal.

Press releases work when they are written about something that is newsworthy. Keep that in your mind when you are sitting down to write your press release. Is this newsworthy?

The key when writing a good press release is to give the information that you need to promote, but also to write it so that it is a ‘good read’ and makes sense. If it is something that people will want to read, it is more likely that it will be published.

Press releases can be sent to the editors of local newspapers, websites and magazines, and also to local radio stations. It is at the editor’s discretion whether to publish or not, but by writing something that is engaging, interesting and newsworthy, you will give yourself a good chance of enjoying some free publicity for your business.

If you need help writing a press release for your business, please get in touch here.

Caroline Kidd

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