12 Popular Blog Terms (And What They Mean)

If you’re new to blogging or thinking about starting a blog, you’ve probably worked out by now that the blogosphere has its own peculiar language. It can take a while to get your head around blog lingo so here are some of the most common terms you are going to encounter, whether it’s blogging for business or just for fun.

1. Blog Hosting Platform

A form of content management system that allows a blogger to easily update and manage their blog.

2. Theme

The front-end styling of the blog like colours, page layouts, widget locations, fonts and other stylistic details.

3. Traffic

Number of visitors to the blog.

4. Page Views

Counted as every time a user visits a web page.

5. Unique Visitor

A person who visits a website at least once within a selected reporting period.

6. Domain

This is the web address and is the unique name that identifies a website. A custom domain is a branded link to a blog or website for a more professional online presence.

7. Tagline

Appears beside your blog’s name in search engine results and contains descriptive words about your blog’s content.

8. Menu

Navigation for a blog that can be configured using pages or blog categories.

9. Sidebar

The area of space at the side of your blog where you can display widgets with extra content related to your blog.

10. Widget

Allows you to add extra content and features to specific areas of your blog, including categories, images, social media links and recent comments.

11. Category

Used to organise a blog’s content by broadly grouping post topics and makes it easier for readers to find the content that interests them.

12. Tag

Similar to categories, but a more specific way of organising your blog’s content.

Caroline Kidd

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