6 Great Reasons To Write A Press Release

PR is a great way of getting free publicity for your business. But if you’re writing a press release, there has to be something newsworthy about your business that makes this pitch timely as no newspaper or other media outlet is going to publish a boring sales pitch from a business. There has to be relevance and news value.

To get you thinking about what’s newsworthy about your business, I’ve listed six occasions that provide a great opportunity to write a press release and get some free publicity for your business:

  1. You’re a small business owner and you’ve just launched a new, innovative product or service.
  2. Your club or organisation is launching a new initiative or event that will benefit the local community.
  3. You’ve just secured sponsorship or you’re the one doing the sponsoring of some local event or team.
  4. You’ve done some interesting market research on behalf of your business or commissioned a survey and now you want to share some interesting results.
  5. You want to announce a new partnership or collaboration.
  6. You’ve decided to supply some of your products or services for free to raise money for a local charity.

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Caroline Kidd

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