Why Hire A Copyeditor?

Would you like to improve the quality of a piece of writing for your business? Have you a brochure, blog, website, newsletter, business plan or letter that needs to be reviewed?

The copyediting process will make your work look more professional, whether for business or a personal project, and improve the reading experience.

1. Check Correct Word Usage

Confused between preposition and proposition? Bamboozled by practise vs. practice? There vs. their? You’re not alone. I come across these mistakes all the time. Hiring a copyeditor can avoid an embarrassing mistake when it comes to correct word usage.

2. Check Phrases

Microsoft Word is very good at picking up spelling errors… but it will not find words which are misused but spelled right! For example, “I lose always” could end up like this, “I loose always”. A copyeditor will easily spot and rectify these errors.

3. Keep It Consistent

It’s not really acceptable at a professional level to have your writing all over the place with inconsistent spelling, capitalisation, hyphenation and abbreviation. A decision needs to be made about the way each word will be written and stuck to throughout the text. Your copyeditor can assist with that.

4. Improve Readability

The idea might be great but if you can’t communicate it concisely and coherently, what’s the point? There’s no question about it: a copyeditor can make your writing a much better read.

5. Check Punctuation

A carefully placed comma signposts the writing for a reader. A well-placed semi colon can add drama and emphasis when making a point. In short, good punctuation can transform a whole piece of work, while bad punctuation can infuriate a reader and cause them to lose interest. Your copyeditor will use punctuation to your advantage and greatly improve how your writing is received.

If you think you need the help of a copyeditor, please get in touch here.

Caroline Kidd

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