Thinking About Your Print Marketing?

Online marketing has taken off in the last few years but print marketing still has a place in your marketing plan, especially if you are operating a local business and you wish to target people in your locality.

Broadly speaking, when we talk about print marketing we mean posters, business cards, catalogues, leaflets, flyers and brochures. Some businesses may use all of these, while others may select just a few for their campaign.

Once you’ve selected a date to start your business, your to-do list gets longer and longer but your print marketing should be one of your priorities – your brochures, leaflets and flyers will help you to get sales for your new business.

But where to start? I’ve put together some tips to get you thinking about what you want your printed promotional materials to look like.

1. Don’t rush in

Gather samples of leaflets and flyers. Analyse them. Note why some grab your attention and why others don’t. For posters, have a look at a noticeboard and do the same kind of research. Pay attention to font size and colour. You will quickly see what works in print marketing design, and what doesn’t.

2. Keep your colours consistent

The colours you use will largely be dictated by your logo with the addition of one or two complementary colours if needed. The colours you use should be consistent across all your marketing materials and brand communications including your website and social media channels. The psychology of colour is well-documented so keep this in mind when choosing colours to represent your brand. While coloured fonts can add a bit more interest, make sure that they are still easy to read and don’t strain the eyes.

 3. Make it eye-catching

Remember these are your publicity materials. They need to grab the attention of your target audience and sell your new business.

4. Less is more

Don’t cram in text or loads of photos and graphics. The best marketing messages are often the shortest. Leave space between lines of text and white space around graphics.

5. Check your colours & fonts

Ask your printer for a proof before the whole batch is printed. Check that the font is big enough to be legible. Check that the colours are acceptable. Colour can look different in print compared to how it appears on screen.

6. Take care…but don’t agonise over every last detail

If it’s a new business, you may find that six months from now you are refining your products or services in response to customer demand. You will want to change the focus of your marketing materials accordingly so resist the temptation to do a print run that’s large enough to last you a lifetime!

Caroline Kidd

If you need help writing your brochures and other marketing material, please get in touch with me here.

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