8 Tips For Easy Blogging

We’ve already established that blogging is great for your business. But blogging is hard, right? It’s a great idea, but what am I going to write about?

This week I have eight tips for easy blogging. Follow these and you will be blogging like a pro in no time!

1. Carry a notebook and pen everywhere

You don’t know where or when inspiration will strike. If I don’t have pen and paper handy, I type new ideas into my smartphone for later.

2. Put aside time every week to blog

Make it a habit. Find out when works best for you. When do you feel most creative?

3. Don’t be too rigid and be prepared to go with the flow (preferably the flow of your writing!)

Sometimes the creative urge may strike anytime so if you feel it, don’t be afraid to drop everything to write. When you are in the zone, a genius blog could take just ten minutes to write.  When you’re not in the mood it could take hours.

4. There is no need to perform with words

Don’t be afraid of writing. Just start somewhere. The easiest way to get over writer’s block is just to start writing. Be honest. Think about the message or idea you want to convey. Then ask yourself what am I trying to say and just write it as simply as you can.

5. Read other blogs

Take note of what you like and dislike as you read other blogs. Reading blogs from other industries might give you ideas about how you can apply a similar structure or concept to your own blog.

6. Talk to friends and family for inspiration

Find out what is it about your industry that makes them curious. What would they like to read? What would they like to share?

7. Listen to a news bulletin or grab a newspaper

There may be something topical that you can ride on the back of, which will make your blog more newsworthy and shareable.

8. Use your back catalogue

If you have a back catalogue of blogs, choose the popular ones and work out a way to rework the content, frame it in a different way, add new information and give it a new title. Or write a Part 2 or follow up to a popular post.  It’s your content, you worked hard to create it, so now make it work for you!

Caroline Kidd

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