Got a document, report, brochure or other piece of writing that needs to be checked for errors?

Copyediting involves reviewing content for errors that upset the flow of the piece – grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency.

The copyediting process will make your work look more professional, whether for business or a personal project, and improve the reading experience.

Proofreading is like a final check before content is published online or in print.

By this stage most of the errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling should have been caught and fixed by the copyediting process, but if not they will be picked up during proofreading.

In addition, the proofreader looks at all the elements incorporated into the finished product – design and content – so photo captions, graph descriptions etc. will be checked for accuracy and consistency of style.

Not all publishers of content will carry out copyediting and proofreading as two separate entities,  so I will access your project carefully to work out what level of editing is required.

Please contact me to discuss your project.


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